New Releases by The Hazytones, Freedom Hawk and other Ripple Goodies!


Tomorrow!!!  We finally release the debut album from Montreal’s, The Hazytones!  Some of the best retro, heavy psychedelic stoner we’ve heard in ages.  Two vinyl versions available.  The gorgeous translucent red with two-tone splatter, Red Haze Edition, limited to ONLY 80 available, or the 200 pressing “Milky Haze” Edition on translucent milky clear vinyl.   Also available cd and digital.

Sale starts Saturday, November 4, 7 am pst.

“The Hazytones” is an album that could as easily find its way onto the playlist of an avid 70’s hard rock collector as it could that of the most discerning stoner/psych/doom fan. From the Sabbath-esque opener “Light Of The Day” ,with it’s familiar vocal melody and catchy guitar riff, through to the Swedish retro-like grooves of final track “Moonstruck” there is a feeling of the past and the present coming together to create something totally new yet oddly recognizable. “ – Stonerking


Next up on the presses will be the Ripple reissue of the long out of print self-titled album by Freedom Hawk.  Truly one of the best stoner bands in the business, and this issue is a long time in coming.  Or as said, “it’s fucking good – pure, unashamed, stoner rock with some great tunes that make you pine for times past.”

Goes on sale Nov 17 in limited colored vinyl, world-wide vinyl, CD and digital 


Ripple has an imprint for music that’s more in the psychedelic/garage pop mold and our new release is this scorcher from Sacred Shrines.  For fans of Dead Meadow and Black Angles, Shindig! Magazine has chosen this debut as their featured song of the week.  As they say, “delivers juicy psychedelic and garage-inspired tunes with fuzzy guitars and driving rhythms wrapped in gorgeous reverb and a rare authenticity”.  Check out the song premiere at

Pre-order the album at


Hoodies, hoodies, hoodies!!  Should be arriving next week and are up and ready for purchase.  Behold the latest batch of Ripple “soundwave” hoodies!  Zipper front, pockets, the works.  This edition has the the Ripple logo on the front pocket as well.  Don’t know how much longer we’ll make these babies.  Wear  your Ripple loyalty with pride!