High Priestess Sign to Ripple Music for World-wide Deal – Debut Album to Come May 2018


Ripple Music is thrilled to welcome Los Angeles-based heavy psych-doomsters, HIGH PRIESTESS, to their family of the best bands in the heavy underground.
High Priestess made their name throwing down lush harmonies over psychedelic crushing riffs and grooves. Consisting of Katie Gilchrest on guitar and vocals, Mariana Fiel on bass and vocals, and Megan Mullins on drums, High Priestess has created a sound that echoes both past and future incarnations of doom and psychedelia.  
Formed in the spring of 2016, High Priestess have taken the heavy underground by storm.  When Mariana Fiel placed an ad on Craigslist seeking like minds for a devastating project, Katie and Megan heeded the call, and they immediately started producing long, hypnotic jams that morphed into crafted songs with dynamic crescendos and soaring improvisational sections. The band’s self-released demo tapes, simply titled “Demo” shot to the upper reaches of the Doom Charts through sheer word-of-mouth, high critical praise, and a passionate, growing fanbase. 
“We are really excited to be working with Ripple,” says Katie.  “We’re honored to be part of a roster of so many awesome bands. Todd and the gang are very supportive and make us feel like family.”
“We recorded our music DIY style in the hopes of reaching just a few people, and the response has exceeded our expectations. We can’t wait for a full release through the Ripple channels, and are thrilled at the opportunity to share our stories through our melodies, harmonies, heavy drums, and luscious fuzz.”
Tours, both domestic and abroad, are coming, designed to spread the gospel of thick fuzz and rhapsodic melody. Basically, there is no limit to the heights High Priestess can ascend. 
Prepare to worship at their altar.
“There’s a special feel about High Priestess, that intangible element
where excellent songwriting, skill, and chemistry in a band collide to deliver more than the sum of their individual parts. You’ll be
hearing much more from High Priestess, no doubt about it!”
–Doom Charts
“Desert Psychlist is not in the habit of reviewing demos but there are occasions when a band release a demo so damn good that it would be a disservice to both music fans and the band not to give ’em a well-deserved plug, as is the case with High Priestess’s aptly titled”Demo”.
Desert Psychlist