US heavy metal warriors RIFFLORD to release new album “39 Serpent Power” on Ripple Music this June 21st; first video available now!

South Dakota’s heavy metal merchants RIFFLORD return with their third studio album “39 Serpent Power” on Ripple Music this June 21st, and blast forth at full speed with their rip-roaring new single “Serpent Power”!
Get hooked on the galloping fury of “Serpent Power” 

RIFFLORD is a band that defies all logic and its existence alone proves that raw determination and unwavering friendships can accomplish the improbable. With members residing in different parts of the United States and hundreds of miles away, they create a sonic landscape as vast and diverse as the distance between the members. Lugging around massive tube amps, oversized drums, and vintage Hammond organs they exist as if they were thawed from some primordial cro-magnon frost of a forgotten time in rock and roll history. Heavily influenced by the old American West, down-tuned guitars, orchestrated keys and thunderously abrasive drums they leave a mark that both romanticizes the past while beating back against the mainstream.

Now RIFFLORD is about to release its most ambitious and heaviest record yet, “39 Serpent Power”. This album was written and recorded in a pre-Covid world and then buried like a time capsule until 2024 to be released. “Serpent Power” encapsulates the raw visceral energy one gets from their initial love affair with substance abuse and the false freedom and power that eventually turns on the user over time. Just as the snake eats its own tail, this album takes the listener through the journey of excess, self-destruction, self-realization and the long walk out of the hell that is addiction.

“39 Serpent” will be released on limited Marble Cherry Red vinyl, CD digipack and digital on June 21st, with preorders available now via Ripple Music.

RIFFLORD “39 Serpent Power”
Out June 21st on Ripple Music (vinyl/CD/digital)
International preorder / US preorder

1. Asleep At The Wheel
2. It Takes A Village
3. Diatribe
4. DK
5. Nothing Then Nothing Again
6. The Hit That Hits Back
7. Atlas
8. Static
09. First Person Shooter
10. I Am The Monster
11. Epitaph
12. The Dividing Line
13. Wax And Wane

RIFFLORD formed in 2007 in rural South Dakota and has released only two albums in their existence, (“26 Mean and Heavy”, “7 Cremation Ground”) both becoming cult classics. To pick the name and direction of each album, the band blindly draws a card from the Secret Dakini Oracle tarot deck. Truly leaving fate to determine the band’s artistic trajectory. The band has been able to perform at festivals such as Psycho Las Vegas, Stoned Meadow of Doom, and Stoner Jam. They are a fine tuned live machine with almost two decades worth of live shows and touring.

Wyatt Bronc – bass and vocals
Douglas Jennings Barrett – drums
Tory Jean Stoddard – keys
Samuel Hayes – guitar
Dustin Vano – guitar