New-York power-psych trio SUN VOYAGER premieres fuzztastic new album “Sun Voyager” in full; out October 7th on Ripple Music!

New York-based garage psychedelic power trio SUN VOYAGER premiere their self-titled sophomore album “Sun Voyager” in its entirety today, in anticipation of its world release this October 7th on Ripple Music.
A balls-out journey into the bombastic, ludicrous
and unpredictable of psychedelic jam bands.
” Distorted Sound Magazine
A relentless peaking production job that will most assuredly mince your brain to paté.” Classic Rock UK

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NYC’s own SUN VOYAGER aren’t afraid to crank amps beyond authorized levels, add fuel to the fire and ultimately piss off the neighbors with the loud and high-octane follow-up to their acclaimed 2018 debut album “Seismic Vibes”! Fusing proto-metal with krautrock jam-inspired freakouts and a frantic dose of organ-laden psychedelia, their new album “Sun Voyager” is a straight shooter that will enthrall fans of fuzzed-out and fire-driven psych à la Fuzz, Osees, SLIFT and Hawkwind. “Sun Voyager” is available to preorder in limited hazy clear and black cloudy vinyl, classic black vinyl, CD and digital now through Ripple Music. ► Watch Sun Voyager’s new videos “God Is Dead II” and “To Hell We Ride

SUN VOYAGER “Sun Voyager”
Out October 7th on Ripple Music

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Formed in 2014 and propelled by their split album with Greasy Hearts, SUN VOYAGER is a heavy psychedelic rock powerhouse from New York that fuses early metal influences from the comedown era with kraut jam-inspired stoner rock freakouts. After the release of their 2018 self-titled debut, SUN VOYAGER toured a lot and started experimenting and refining their jamming facet on stage, freaking out more, grooving out more, while finding a whole new level to their sound. Rehearsals then turn into 2-hour jams and the sound of their new album ‘Sun Voyager’ stems a lot from that experimentation. A mellow groove in the vein of Dead Meadow or Spacemen 3 will sometimes take off into full-blown ACDC or slowly build as Earthless would, while a heavy swing that feels like the Allman Brothers will end up sounding like Red Fang (and vice versa). If their jams aren’t totally ripping your face off with fuzz, they will blow your minds through their indecent amount of reverb or wah. The trio just signed to San Remo-based powerhouse Ripple Music for the release of their sophomore album ‘Sun Voyager’ in the fall of 2022.