MetalSucks Debuts New Song from Swedish Spectral-Doom group, KINGNOMAD | New album out now!

Their new track ‘Cosmic Serpent’ premièred on MetalSucks this week –
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“Kingnomad is a prime example of what should be done during the process of writing music; their passion and love for the art shows endlessly through out this album. No gimmicks. No frills. Just pure rock and roll.”

“A classic sixties style psychedelic edge where the vocals impress from the start. The doom and gloom atmospherics allows Kingnomad to have some devilish fun.”

“Steeped in the finest occult doom encased in the richest hard rock from the era of Black Sabbath and Captain Beyond, Kingnomad’s debut drifts effortlessly through the Elysian Fields that have since given birth to the likes of Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, and they are right at home here.”

Swedish psychedelic doom band Kingnomad is very much a product of the riffs that inspired them. 

Initially formed in 2014 by best friends Jay and Marcus while hanging out in Jay’s studio basement jamming on Black Sabbath grooves and downing bottomless beers, the pair soon stumbled onto the first riff of their own making. Over the space of one evening evolved the song ‘Lucifer Is Dead’, and with that one track followed a newfound purpose.

Setting off on a quest to forge music from the influence of hard and heavy 70s rock, psychedelic flights of fancy and the hauntingly ethereal worlds of H.P. Lovecraft, the main driving force behind Kingnomad was to have as much fun as possible. Recruiting the only two people that they knew were qualified enough to orchestrate a killer rhythm section, into the fold came Andreas on drums and Maximilian on bass.

With the quartet retreating back to Jay’s basement – newly christened the “The Room of Doom” – material flowed like a never-ending stream of occult energy. Songs were written, parts recorded and almost as if by magic they found themselves propelled forward in time, primed and ready to release what they had created. Closely courted by Ripple Music they were asked to contribute to “Chapter III” in the label’s ongoing underground series, The Second Coming of Heavy, with Michigan rockers Bonehawk. And with the alchemy of creativity burning fervently in their minds, a new batch of original songs were recorded for their debut album, Mapping The Inner Void, which was released in February of last year.

Roll on to 2018 however, and The Great Nothing, the brand new studio album from Kingnomad will soon be released on 7th July 2018 via Ripple Music. A magnificent blend of ghostly pop-metal and darkened rock, it showcases the Swedes’ sumptuous songwriting and pitch-perfect, hard rock dynamics. Expertly paced, the record builds momentum and mood before perfectly pivoting to the climatic closing of its epic, 22-minute title track.

In advance of the record’s release, MetalSucks has premiered their new track ‘Cosmic Serpent’, which you can check out here –

The Great Nothing by Kingnomad is released on 7th July 2018 via Ripple Music.

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Mr Jay – Vocals, Lead Guitar, Piano/Organ
Mano – Drums, Percussion
Marcus – Guitars
Maximilian – Bass, Backing Vocals


1. The Yoga of Desolation
2. Cosmic Serpent
3. The Mysterious Agreement
4. All Those Things…
5. Collapsing Pillars of the Earth
6. The Great Nothing

Artist: Kingnomad
Album: The Great Nothing
Label: Ripple Music
Release Date: 7/07/2018
Format: CD/Digital/LP


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