CRANEIUM: Finnish rockers ready for new album with Ripple Music | Stream latest single ‘I’m Your Demon’ at The Obelisk now!

“Prepare for a huge slab of protometal leads, psychedelic riffs, rolling bass lines, killer melodies and grooves.”

“First, you wonder just what the hell kind of mind-altering substances have made four kids from what is apparently Finland’s Bible belt turn to the dark side in such a fashion?”

“The music ebbs and flows, turning bright and sparkling in the interplay of guitars one minute, and then earth-shaking and apocalyptic the next.”

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The Narrow Line, the new album by Craneium is released worldwide 7th December 2018 on Ripple Music
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Craneium was formed in 2011 near Turku, in a rural village called Ostrobothnia on the Finnish bible-belt. For the people that reside there, they are probably more inclined to nod at the pages of the holy book, than the riffs of a Black Sabbath number. But as native outsiders, the band’s sole intention was to write and record the most intense rock and roll imaginable.

Eager to perform, the quintet immediately headed out on the road and into the wilderness taking in Sweden, Estonia, Denmark and Germany to play a selection of live shows, penning tunes as they went along. Building on DIY ethics and raw passion to blend crushing stoner riffs with sweet melodic passages and vocal harmonies, they soon released The Slowerdrive Tapes on cassette in 2013 and a 12″ split in 2014 with fellow Finns, 3rd Trip. At the same time however, the band were also in the process of crafting songs that would eventually make it onto their 2015 album Explore The Void, a fifty minute journey through heavy rock, fuzz and groove-laden band jams.

The band’s sound – a constant ebb and flow of many different influences – relies on the power of performance and on stage their energetic nature truly comes to life. While some might say that Explore the Void did little to reinvent the wheel, with new album The Narrow Line (due for release this December on Ripple Music) make no mistake that few bands will spin said wheel as hard and fast as Craneium at full throttle.

The Narrow Line is released worldwide 7th December 2018 on Ripple Music. Stream and share new single ‘I’m Your Demon’ exclusively via The Obelisk –


Andreas Kaján – Vocals, Guitar
Martin Ahlö – Vocals, Guitar
Jonas Ridberg– Bass
Joel Kronqvist – Drums

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1. Manifest
2. I’m Your Demon
3. Beyond the Pale
4. The Soothsayer
5. Redemption
6. The Goat (Is in Command)
7. Man’s Ruin

Artist: Craneium
Album: The Narrow Line
Label: Ripple Music
Release Date: 07/12/2018
Format: CD/LP/Digital


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