Arcadian Child Release New LP, ‘Superfonica’

   Greek neo-psych band Arcadian Child will release its new LP, Superfonica, onNovember 23 via Ripple Music / Rogue Wave Records. Hailing from Limassol, Cyprus,Arcadian Child formed in 2013 and soon made a name for itself via a cool and coherent sound that combines hypnotic psychedelia, stoner rock riffage, and indie rock groove. Potent and intoxicating, Arcadian Child delivers guitar-orientated psych rock blended with ambient elements, hallucinogenic patterns and kaleidoscopic, headphone-friendly swirl.

To advance the release of SuperfonicaArcadian Child has released the new singles, “Painting” and “She Flows“. “Painting” is released via a cool visualizer video (see here) and “She Flows” makes its debut via music video. Watch “She Flows” at this location.Arcadian Child’s unapologetic references to music of earlier eras infused forge a transcendent maze of heady resonance and drones.

Superfonica is the follow-up to Arcadian Child‘s celebrated 2017 debut, Afterglow, a record that immediately established the unit as a buzzworthy band to watch. The LP was hailed as “a trippy and hypnotic blend of stoner rock and psychedelia” by Music & Riots,“an accessibly spacey psych-rock journey” by Treble, and led MXDWN to proclaim,“Arcadian Child are on the cusp”.

Arcadian Child‘s beautiful songs lure you slowly and smoothly into a sort of soothing numbness; the group’s use of 60s/70s pop style progressive theatrics call up a web of guitars, keyboards, and drums that thunder and ooze at the same time, and the melodies walk steadily more than they lurch. Try to picture Josh Homme (in “The Way You Used To Do”) guesting in a sunny version of The Verve’s “Bitter Sweet Symphony” video for a CliffsNotes reference to the band’s sound. Arcadian Child are masters at sounding simultaneously cool as a block of ice and hot as hellfire, but the unshakeable pop melodies are the real key to this album’s success.

   Track listing:

   1.) Bain Marie
   2.) Twist Your Spirit
   3.) Brothers
   4.) Constellations
   5.) Painting (watch visualizer)
6.) She Flows (watch VIDEO)
7.) Before We Die
8.) The March

Pre-order Superfonica at this location.

Arcadian Child – “Painting” (official visualizer)
Arcadian Child features Panayiotis Georgiou (vocals/guitar), Stathis Hadjicharalambous (guitars), Andreas Kerveros (bass/backing vocals) and Christos Dimou (drums). Follow Arcadian Child on Facebook.

Arcadian Child is available to speak with interested media. To chat with the band or request a review copy of Superfonica, simply contact Carl Schultz at ACTION! PR.

  “Afterglow is a well-constructed myriad of indie and psychedelic rock from different decades. Vibes from the ‘60s , ‘70s, and even today, bring together a well-balanced album. Get ready for a cool, psychedelic experience from Arcadian Child” –PURE GRAIN AUDIO

   “with headphone-ready volume swells in the background, a serene version of space rock” – THE OBELISK

   “twisted psychedelic beauty. Love the squalling guitars, like sirens out over the eastern Mediterranean.”  – Super World Indie Tunes

   “this record holds a myriad of elements from different influences, including more mainstream ones. There are proggish sides that often makes me think of late 70s Pink Floyd, the meticulous production gives a sound ala Foo Fighters, the singing and groove recall the glory of indie rock, with some Franz Ferdinand like energy, or Ghinzu’s masterful on the darker humored songs. You can only feel at home with this déjà-vu feeling, intriguing you to recognize all these elements.” – MORE FUZZ

Arcadian Child “She Flows” (official video)