Update From Ripple Music HQ– Big Things Coming!


I know I’ve been more quiet than normal recently — dealing with major issues keeping the day job office up and running — but that doesn’t mean Ripple has been quiet. Lots of folks have been asking for updates, so here goes. 1) No, we’re not in the mood to shut down. Direct sales have still been good as we’ve been getting the heavy out to tons of waveriders around the world. So, thank you so much for the support, it really is keeping us alive right now. Brick and Mortar Record stores around the world have closed down, so more than ever we really do rely on waveriders picking up an album or two from our Bigcartel or Bandcamp.

2) Vinyl and CD production are still happening, and to my knowledge no delays there. The only delay is in shipping, as freight is near impossible to get with the amount of cancelled flights. So if you’ve ordered, and haven’t received it yet, we ask for patience. We promise, all vinyl and cd’s will be shipped as quickly as possible.

3) Even better news. Over the last couple of months, I’ve finalized arrangements with some AMAZING bands to come join the Ripple family. Some you know, some you may not, some will shock you. Big stuff coming, big stuff.

4) Finally, Wino album is in production! Masters are in the can and submitted, vinyl art finished, which includes a gatefold cover, 12″ insert, and cool-ass poster. Three editions will be available, two limited color splatters, black vinyl and of course a very few (ultra-rare test pressings.) Pre-orders are NOT open yet. Album is set for a June release, and I’m gonna wanna make sure we’re on pace for production before I open up pre-orders, but stay tuned!

Cheers all. Please, be safe, be smart, be healthy. And once again, thank you all so much for the support. The whole community needs each other now more than ever.

p.s. What would you all think of a virtual RippleFest, if I can figure out a way to pull it off?