UK Psych-Rockers LORD VAPOUR Join Ripple Music for Worldwide Release of Semuta

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“Mill Street Blues may have made Lord Vapour a band to look out for. However, Semuta proves that they’re destined for bigger and better things. Lord Vapour have delivered the goods with this album.” – Outlaws of The Sun 
“With Semuta, Lord Vapour have fulfilled the promise of both their earlier recordings and live shows to create a high quality slice of powerful, transporting, psychedelic rock – and I have one piece of advice for listeners… ‘play loud’!” – Tom Girard, BBC Introducing
Ripple Music is thrilled to announce the signing of Guernsey’s preeminent heavy psych warriors, Lord Vapour, one of 2018’s best breakout acts.
After creating a planetwide storm with their critically-hailed second self-released full-length, Semuta, the band has joined Ripple Music for a worldwide release of the album on CD, digital, and a vinyl reissure.
“We’re stoked to be working with Ripple Music!” enthuses guitarist Henry Fears. “It’s an honour to be a part of the Ripple Family and we’re looking forward to making music with them.”
​Formed in late 2014 on the island of Guernsey, Lord Vapour have been crafting a sound the ranges from retro-rock to desert stoner freakouts, with hints of doom,  elements of heavy psychedelic and subtle funk textures splashed in for good measure.
Founded by Joe Le Long, Christiaan Mariess and Henry Fears, the band found a niche that their small island home of Guernsey had never experienced before: A combination of groovy headbanging riffs and drawn out psychedelic jams.  Their debut album Mill Street Blues, topped the June 2016 Doom Charts at #10 and came in at #37 for that year’s best albums.  2017 saw the band take to the road in the UK and Europe, supporting bands like Jucifer, Elephant Tree, Stubb and Space Witch.
After the success of their first album, Lord Vapour self-released Semuta at the end of 2018, which saw the band evolve their song construction and explore new sonic paths while remaining true to their brand of psychedelic riff-rock.  Semuta‘s 6 tracks are filled with massive interlacing guitar jams, heavy pounding drums and mindblowing bass lines, along with more elements of funk, 70s rock and metal, landing the album at number 4 on the December 2018 Doom Charts.
Now the whole world will get the opportunity to hear the magic and bow to Lord Vapour.  Look for Ripple Music’s worldwide CD release in March 2019, with vinyl reissue to follow.
“From the swirling alternative swampy blues of first track “Burning Planet”, with it’s wah drenched guitar, bludgeoning bass lines, thundering percussion and strong, clean yet gritty vocals through to the heavy psych grooves of instrumental closer “Nasubi,” “Semuta” is an album that resonates with melody, musicality and swing, and ensures that you, the listener, will be coming back to it again and again.” – Desert Psyche List 
“What a winner from end to end, each note an immaculate charge in the aether sinking into your skin. Through it all, Lord Vapour has conceived greatness conceptually. ” – Doom Gazed 

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