San Francisco rock’n’roll freaks GLITTER WIZARD release “Hunting Gatherers” vinyl reissue on Ripple Music!

San Francisco rock’n’roll machine GLITTER WIZARD celebrate the limited vinyl reissue of their sophomore album “Hunting Gatherers” in a brand new remastered version as part of Ripple Music’s new “Beneath The Desert Floor” series.GLITTER WIZARD sounds as if The Hellacopters and Jethro Tull had a bastard son and let the kid drunk from a cup full of punk nectar. Originally released on Captcha Records in 2012, their long out-of-print sophomore album “Hunting Gatherers” was fully remastered by Tony Reed at HeavyHead Studios and also includes the bonus track “Fire” taken from the original recording sessions.

As stated by keyboardist Doug Graves: “This album was a natural for Glitter Wizard, its making as organic and effortless as the creative process can be. It reflected the musical goals of all the members and fully established the sound and vision we wanted to present. To me, it’s the quintessential Glitter Wizard and the best entry point to the band for new listeners. Subsequent recordings have taken our music to new places that let us explore the wide range of influences we share, but they’re all based on the foundation established by this album. There are few songs by any band I’d ever say this about, but I can’t imagine ever getting tired of playing ‘Worship the Devil.’”

GLITTER WIZARD “Hunting Gatherers” reissue
Available now on Ripple Music (vinyl only)

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No less an authority than Julian Cope once described Glitter Wizard’s unique brand of freak rock as “unashamedly glamorous hard rock,” and he’s not wrong. These San Francisco longhairs from another dimension were raised on punk and mix screaming riffs with a high-octane stage show full of sequins, headbanging and a sonic attack that’ll leave you dazed and ready for the next hit. Imagine the Stooges stole the outfits from the Spiders from Mars, synth man Dik Mik from Hawkwind and hit the stage on a speed bender.

Glitter Wizard, or G Wiz as those close call them, recently recorded the EP Kiss the Boot at Kitten Robot studio with Paul Roessler (T.S.O.L., Pat the Bunny, James Williamson, Lords of Altamont) which released March 7th, 2023 on the Kitten Robot label.  The EP is something of a departure for the band, as they lace up their platforms and head straight for the jugular of early ‘70s glitter rock and junkshop glam.  The first single, “She’s a Star,” releases on Valentine’s Day.  The album, mixed by Screamin’ Lord Duff (Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs, Prima Donna, Thor, Jesters of Destiny), has the band covering Bowie’s “Suffragette City” as if they were Gary Glitter, and unleashing new glitter anthems such as “Pogo Tonight” and “Glitterati.”  Meanwhile, for the fans who prefer their Wizards with dirt in their teeth and riding a Harley, the band’s popular 2012 LP Hunting Gatherers receives the deluxe reissue treatment from the Ripple Music label later in 2023.

Glitter Wizard have assembled a legion of Glitterati touring the US and Europe, playing club shows and festivals like Roadburn, Muskelrock, Duna Jam, Desert Fest, Burger Boogaloo, SXSW, Desert Daze, Psycho de Mayo and Heavy Days in Doomtown along the way. Their music has been featured in film, podcasts, the X Games, and even a low-budget porno. Glitter Wizard have recorded four full-length albums and three EPs with Donny Newenhouse (The Coachwhips, Holly Golightly, Dead Ships, Hot Lunch) and are constantly working to keep the real spirit of rock n’ roll undead and feasting on the brains of young and old alike.

Lorfin Terrafor – guitar
Wendy Stonehenge – vocals
Kandi Moon – bass, vocals
Doug Graves – keys, synth
Fancy Cymballs – drums