Ripple Music Announces Rogue Wave Records – The New Ripple Imprint For Psychedelic Garage Rock: Arcadian Child, Sacred Shrines and More!


Ripple is thrilled to officially announce the new imprint, Rogue Wave Records, your newest label destination for music of a more psychedelic/garage/dream pop vein.   First up on your tour of Rogue Wave are two stunning releases (done in conjunction with Ripple) by Cyprus Psych merchants, Arcadian Child.   Afterglow and Superfonica both transcend the paths of stoner groove, psychedelic altered states and ear-catching melodies.  As More Fuzz says, “You like psych? stoner? indie rock? No need to chose, you got all this!  It gets better with every listening, and you’ll find yourself singing along quite quickly”  The heavy groove deep in their psych even got them named as one oft the top albums on the November and December Doom Charts.   Check it out yourself at where you can pick up the digital, cd or vinyl if you like, and of course all Rogue Wave releases can be found at


The Sacred Shrines evolved from Australian retro-psych rockers, Grand Atlantic who hold the distinction of being one of Ripple’s first ever releases (split 7″ with Sky Parade . . .way back when).  Now they explore their own world of psych-infused, retro-60’s garage rock, with earworm songwriting and a dark underbelly.  Instantly catchy, New Noise Magazine raves, “Come Down From The Mountain is built on nostalgia, celebrations of excess and psych-rock guitar signatures that feel like a call back to a bygone era.The band comes off a little grimier than their obvious influences, making for a pretty cool record for anyone who felt like rock got lost, or perhaps just got lost along the way.”  You can listen or pick it up at 


We can’t even begin to tell you how excited we are about Las Robertas signing to Rogue Wave.  After being featured by Bandcamp as one of the new, hot emerging bands on the International Psychedelic Rock Scene, we promptly contacted them and put into motion a North American reissue of their classic last album, “Waves of the New.”  cut at 45 RPM for the best listening experience.  But there’s more!  Pegged to appear on both weekends of this year’s upcoming Coachella festival, Rogue Wave is thrilled to release the new 7″ 3-song “Coachella” EP, Together Outrageously.  NPR Music Website raves about them, and you will too.  “Las Robertas’ trippy noise-pop garage-rock took the international music scene by storm in 2010, Now back with a third full-length album, Waves of The New, Las Robertas serves up a sunny set of tunes tinged with surf-rock and psychedelia and surrounded by its hallmark sylphic vocals…vintage garage sound, elegant shoegaze guitar chords, all grounded and propelled by the krautrocky beats.”

Check out the album reissue and the new 7″ (on pre-order) at  and


Screamfeeder are legendary in their native Australia, with entire concerts devoted to reinterpretations of main songwriter Tim Steward’s music.  Screamfeeder brandish a fierce blend of guitar noise pop a la The Pixies or Dinosaur Jr, with a garage sensibility, a punk rock intensity, and alt rock hooks and melodies.  “Pop Guilt” charted in Australia and is set to open the ears of North American audiences.  Get a flavor of their vibe by checking out the single “Shelter” and dig the whole album of sunday am bliss rock at