ZED ‘Desperation Blues Deluxe’

ZED 'Desperation Blues Deluxe'

Zed are one of the more innovative bands of this type around. “Desperation Blues” shows it wasn’t only their genesis but their blueprint too. It deserves to be heard. In so many ways these are desperate times.

Rating 9/10 – Maximum Volume Music


  1. Please
  2. Skin + Bones
  3. Killing Machine
  4. Desperation Blues
  5. Crawl Back To You
  6. More
  7. Rain
  8. The Empty Quarter
  9. Settle the Score
  10. The River
  11. BONUS: Leave Me Alone
  12. BONUS: Lunatics and Liars
  13. BONUS: Halo
  14. BONUS: A Drug
  15. BONUS: How long


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