Witchcryer ‘When Their Gods Come For You’

Witchcryer 'When Their Gods Come For You'

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Witchcryer aren’t just the real deal, they’ve poured their hearts and soul unleashing their second album. With many of the Texas metal and prog bands to keep an eye out for including; Proud Peasant, Worhol, The Aaron Clift Experiment, Oceans of Slumber, and Edge of Paradise, Witchcryer are going to be added for those watched-out bands to be on the look-out for in the roaring ‘20s.

Echoes And Dust


  1. The Devil & The Deep Blue See
  2. Hellmouth
  3. Sisyphus, Holy Roller
  4. Nemesis, The Inevitable
  5. Quetzalcoatl
  6. I Rise!
  7. Blackfoot Creation Story / Spirit Power
  8. When Their Gods Come For You


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