Viral Tyrant ‘Vultures Like You’

Viral Tyrant 'Vultures Like You'

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    Viral Tyrant’s brand of heaviness pierces deep into the modern psyche, with razor sharp riffs, gruff vocals, and tales not soon forgotten. Vultures Like You comes out July 21st on multiple formats via Ripple Music (pre-order here). Stick it on a playlist with High on Fire, Phantom Hound, Serial Hawk, and Cough. – Doomed and Stoned


    1. The Felling of the Doom Tree
    2. Beloved and Beheaded
    3. Vosturan
    4. Beacon Omega
    5. The Great Traverse
    6. A Savage Ensnared
    7. Blunt Force and Sheer Ignorance



    You can purchase this and more from the Ripple Music webstore at: