Salem’s Bend ‘ST’

Salem's Bend 'Self Titled'

Three dudes crawled into a garage-turned-studio and dug out some tracks from the nether realms of Sabbath, Priest, Toad, Zeppelin, and other ’70s rockers. Infusing those with a multitude of other musical entities, they subsequently slithered out as Salem’s Bend.

“Hailing from the great city of Los Angeles, California, Salem’s Bend’s self titled debut of 7 unique tracks is a breath of unique air to the underground stoner retro desert sound as these rockers have crafted some fine melodies around which they’ve wrapped gifted displays of musical execution in a fuzzy, heavy, crunchy, funky vein. The influences for these rockers are many and true as the low, heavy blues rock that soars down a retro desert highway in the doom of dusk exhilirates with their uncommon, singular sound.


  1. Balshazzar
  2. Queen of the Desert
  3. Silverstruck
  4. Losing Sleep
  5. Sun and Mist
  6. Mammoth Caravan
  7. A Tip of Salem


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