Mr. Plow ‘Maintain Radio Silence’

Mr. Plow 'Maintain Radio Silence'

While the band were unmistakably influenced by the times they often sought a different direction lyrically. Instead of pursuing dark and evil lines of enquiry, they favoured riffs of a hookier variety and pop-culture references as you’ll no doubt recognise from their excellent name. Less about skulls and satanic imagery and more about skate parks in the summertime, with songs fashioned after author Kurt Vonnegut, curious Cannibal Corpse covers (check out Maintain Radio Silence’s take on ‘Hammer Smashed Face’), comic books, J.R.R. Tolkien and of course, The Simpsons, Mr. Plow take inspiration wherever inspiration strikes. – Petes Rock News and Views


  1. Sigil
  2. Samizdat
  3. Matchstick
  4. Shaolin Cowboy
  5. Johnny Gentle
  6. Maintain Radio Silence
  7. Hammer Smashed Face
  8. Memento


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