Mother Iron Horse ‘Under the Blood Moon’

Mother Iron Horse 'Under the Blood Moon'

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Under The Blood Moon is the band’s first release for the mighty Ripple Music as Ozzy Osbourne bassist Rob Blasko signed them to the label. So it’s good enough for Rob and Ripple Music then it should be good enough for you all to check out. Being signed to Ripple Music is a sign of quality. You know what you get when it’s a Ripple Music release.
Mother Iron Horse have released an album that’s packed with creative flair and delicious heavy grooves to make them stand out from the crowd. – Outlaws of the Sun


  1. The Devils Work
  2. The Witches
  3. Old Man Satan
  4. Nocturnal Eternal
  5. Under the Blood Moon
  6. Samhain Dawn
  7. Samhain Night
  8. s At Dungeon Rock


You can purchase this and more from the Ripple Music webstore at: