Modern Day Moonshine ‘Refuge’

Modern Day Moonshine 'Refuge'

The first release from Modern Day Moonshine under the Ripple Music banner, Refuge epitomizes the diversity that the band brings to music. The new album features 12 tracks that range from blues to bluegrass to jazz to funk and it’s all wrapped in a neat package of Americana, extended jam-oriented rock. Refuge marks the third full-length release from the band and this fine crafted set of music is available in digipak CD and digital formats. Features the chart crashing tracks “Don’t Waste” and “Unsung”.


  1. Unsung
  2. Expiration Date
  3. Don’t Waste
  4. Living in Shadows
  5. Perfect Disease
  6. Burton (things you’ve arranged)
  7. Fitting the Mold
  8. Home on the Road
  9. Marching Down the Line
  10. Finding Home
  11. Magistrate
  12. Without Love


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