Devil To Pay ‘Forever, Never or Whenever’

Devil To Pay 'Forever, Never or Whenever'

Whatever Devil to Pay might be or might do stylistically, they’re a heavy rock band, and an underrated one at that. They bring more character to the production of Forever, Never or Whenever than they’ve ever had before, and perhaps unsurprisingly, it suits them and enriches the material itself. Perhaps most fortunate of all, none of the growth of method the band have undertaken in the last five-plus years has pulled them away from the foundation of their songwriting. It is that which ultimately allows them to flourish as they do, and the ground beneath their feet is as solid as it could possibly be here. A balance of consistency and growth after more than 15 years together? I think maybe it’s time more people started paying attention to and learning lessons from this band. – The Obelisk


  1. Heave Ho
  2. The Devil’s Barking Up Your Tree
  3. The Cautionary Tale of Yen Sid
  4. Get On Down
  5. Tap Dancing On Your Grave
  6. Imminent Demise
  7. 37 Trillion
  8. Light Sentence
  9. The Pendulum
  10. Anti-Gravity Depravity