Colour Haze ‘We Are’

Colour Haze 'We Are'

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I will gladly admit to being a fan of the band, so if you need to take this review with that in consideration, that’s fine. From where I sit, every time Colour Haze puts out a record — and again, this is their lucky 13th — it is nothing less than a gift, and We Are sneaks in under the wire as one of the best gifts 2019 has had to offer. For old fans, it offers something new in the shift of lineup and fleshing out of arrangements, and for newcomers, its refreshed sound should prove all the more welcoming. Quite simply, Colour Haze make the world a better place. – The Obelisk


  1. We Are
  2. The Real
  3. Life
  4. Material Drive
  5. I’m With You
  6. Be With Me
  7. Freude III


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