Cities of Mars ‘Self-Titled’

Cities of Mars 'Self-Titled'

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Cities of Mars is a very enjoyable album with many layers to peel back. It’s a firm grower that rewards the listener who spends time getting to know the intricate world that the band have created. On their third album Cities of Mars have crafted a detailed and enjoyable doom/sludge metal release. – Wonderbox Metal


  1. Before the Storm
  2. Towering Graves (Osmos)
  3. The Prophet (Methusalem)
  4. Song of a Distant Earth (Hathra)
  5. Dawn of No Light (Chthon)
  6. The Dreaming Sky (Anur)
  7. Reflected Skyline (Sarraqum)
  8. The Black Shard (Bahb-Elon)


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