Bright Curse ‘Time of the Healer’

Bright Curse 'Time of the Healer'

It’s every now and then that I’ll come across a band like this, really dig what they’re doing, but eventually fall out of favor with them come more albums down the line. Sure, it’s all still quality in their own ways, but it’s through not doing anything new to grasp the attention is what loses me. Fortunately, Bright Curse refuses to do so as it’s with a different approach that “Time of the Healer” is given a brand new light to shine in, and I can’t help but see this record wash over the scene as it’s excellence is of the highest levels of infectious. – Headbanger Reviews


  1. Smoke of the Past
  2. Laura
  3. Une Virêe
  4. Shadows
  5. Time of the Healer


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