Blackwülf ‘Thieves and Liars’

Blackwülf 'Thieves and Liars'

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BLACKWÜLF have certainly stepped up another level on Thieves And Liars, and it’s really working for them. This grungy brand of stoner rock that they have got going is sure to delight rock fans of all kinds. Weighty, grooving and dark, BLACKWÜLF are masters at creating hard-hitting and catchy riffs that will remain in your mind as earworms long after the album has finished. – Distorted Sound Magazine


  1. Shadow
  2. Seems to Me
  3. Killing Kind
  4. Thieves and Liars
  5. Failed Resistance
  6. Psychonaut / Edge of Light
  7. Mysteries of This
  8. Brother
  9. Cries For a Dying Star



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