Arrowhead ‘Desert Cult Ritual’

Arrowhead 'Desert Cult Ritual'

Ripple is thrilled to finally bring to vinyl (And CD) this amazing album from Australia’s Arrowhead. These dudes really crafted the perfect soundtrack of a road-trip in the desert, it’s a thundering blast of Stoner Rock loudness & heaviness !

“Think the groove and rawness of Brant Bjork mixed with the burning riffage of Fu Manchu ! But they also have that 70’s Heavy Blues/Rock spirit deeply flowing into their veins. The swedish band Brutus is the first that comes to my mind in this genre when hearing Arrowhead, and I love that band so it’s a nice compliment. Killer stuff !” – More Fuzz


  1. Desert Cult Ritual
  2. Hell Fire
  3. Hypnotiser
  4. Bone Mountain
  5. Maneater Blues
  6. Weed Lord
  7. Rogue Asteroid
  8. Dragon Whips it’s Tail


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