Mr Bison Sign To Ripple Music, Record New Album and Prepare to Storm the Stage at Planet Desert Rock Weekend in Las Vegas

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“Mr. Bison trample us with a lysergic array of hairy riffs and pummeling groove. The Hendrixian fuzz echos a wicked tone as the rhythm intensifies each and every song. ” — Bucky Brown; Doom Charts/The Ripple Effect
Preparing to deliver on the promise of their 2018 album Holy Oak, heavy psychedelic trio Mr Bison has signed with US purveyors of riff-heaviness, Ripple Music, to bring the band’s latest mesmerizing slab of acid jamming to the world.
MR. BISON, formed by Matteo Barsacchi (Guitar/Vocal), Matteo Sciocchetto (Guitar/Vocal), and Matteo D’Ignazi (Drum/Sound Effect/Vocal) established themselves as one of the most exciting combos in the heavy psych underground.  After We’ll Be Brief and the critically acclaimed Asteroid , their singular assault on heavy, distorted blues couldn’t help but be noticed.  A U.S.A tour soon followed then dozens of gigs in the Italian peninsula, opening  for the likes of DANKO JONES, RED FANG, MONDO GENERATOR, KARMA TO BURN, MY SLEEPING KARMA, and many more. Following a sold out European tour, the trio raged back with the critically-hailed  HOLY OAK,  about which Bucky Brown of The Ripple Effect raved “Holy Oak stands tall and will be considered a paramount heavy rock release of 2018.”
Now it’s time for the next step.  Signing to Ripple Music, the band keeps its unusual lineup, two guitars, drums and  . . . no bass!  In other hands this set up could be a disaster, but in the capable hands of these maestros, the two guitars together create a massive wall of sound where you won’t even notice the absence of bass.  First coming out with a 12″ side of vinyl for the new Ripple Music Split LP Series, “Turn to Stone” where they share vinyl with US space rockers Spacetrucker, a new full-length will follow in 2020.
Imagine being in an overloaded black van on the roads of the Big South, playing nothing but early 70’s legendary acts like the almighty Capt Beyond, Orang-Utan mixed with one of the most powerful band of our days, Motorpsycho.  And that’s Mr Bison.  A refreshingly uplifting blast of gutsy, 70s-inspired stoner rock, played with passion and high energy that puts the power back into the classic power-trio formula.
About the new songs, Matteo D’Ignazi says, “The new songs are a concentration of stoner rock and psychedelic moments, dilated atmospheres that alternate with monolithic riffs.  We are proud to be part of the Ripple family, one of the labels that has produced dozens of albums that we have always treasured!  Being part of it now is a dream come true.”
Look for “Turn to Stone” the new split series to hit the streets early late 2019/early 2020.  And be sure to catch Mr Bison live as they hit the stage at Planet Desert Rock Weekend in Las Vegas.
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