Iron Claw Announce New Singer and Looks to Build Upon “Comeback of the Year” in 2012!

“Step aside, Anvil… there’s a Rock n’ Roll comeback story that blows yours into the stratosphere! IRON CLAW is the Rock n’ Roll comeback story of legend.” So proclaimed Metal Odyssey after taking one listen to Iron Claw’s new Ripple Music release, A Different Game.
You see, IRON CLAW was playing their brand of Heavy Rock at live gigs when Heavy Metal was just getting it’s name. The early 70′s were the building blocks for the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal that we all cherish deeply in 2011… and IRON CLAW was there… planting the seeds. Touring during the early years with the legendary likes of The Kinks, Spencer Davis and Pink Fairies, (to name a few), IRON CLAW easily can be considered an important underground player within the structure of the British Rock Movement. Without a “coveted” record contract, the Rock history books have overlooked too many silent legends, the pioneers of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock such as IRON CLAW. With A Different Game, their role in Rock history shall never go unspoken again.
After achieving such unmitigated success, Iron Claw separated with vocalist Gordon Brown, who left to pursue a bluesier direction. After an extensive, nationwide search, Iron Claw is thrilled to announce the joining of new lead singer, Gary Hair. Hailing from Iron Claw’s own doorstep of Dumfries, Gary first came to the bands attention in the early 90’s, with his band Fallen Heaven who were blasting out original heavy rock songs. Bass player Alex Wilson was so impressed, he went to see them and recorded a demo of their music and did their “sound” at a few live gigs.
As Alex puts it, “I was also impressed by their dedication to that style of music, because in the 90’s at that time heavy metal/rock was suffering a dip in popularity but they stuck to their guns.” And in a cool twist of fate, Alex noted, “When I found out his date of birth (12th September 1970), after we’d asked him to join the band, that date sort of struck a chord in my memory. I have been keeping a diary since 1968, and when I checked the 1970 date, I was astonished to find that his birthday was exactly the same day that the first 2 songs for the very first Iron Claw LP (“Clawstrophobia” and “Skullcrusher”) were written! I don’t know if you believe in fate, but that’s a hell of a coincidence and maybe he was born to be Iron Claw’s vocalist!”
Iron Claw, with Gary Hair, are now back in the studio recording the follow-up to the praised Ripple release, A Different Game and gigging consistently around the UK. As Alex puts it, Gary brings a heavier direction to the band, more hard rock energy and passion. This should mark a return to an even heavier, rockier Iron Claw sound.
A Different Game was released by Ripple Music on Oct 4th, 2011 and is available world-wide with distribution through Code 7 Distribution, Clearspot International and at the label’s web store.
Here’s what the press are saying:”The songs crackle along, the voice conveys experience and resolve, the solos tasteful. An effortlessly playable collection of working man’s hard rock, and a heartening reassertion of power from metal’s forgotten founding fathers. 8 out of 10″  —  Metal Hammer, Issue 225

“Scotland’s Proto-Metal pioneers, Iron Claw, return with a long-awaited album of gritty, blues-based melodic heavy rock that is already garnering album-of-the-year accolades.”  –  Puregrainaudio

“This is a solid, dynamic, vintage rock ‘n roll record, 13 tracks spanning 57 minutes yet hardly a dull moment to be found. A Different Game is more of the same—high quality heavy rock unearthed from the underground” –
“My first listen to A Different Game should not have been in my car: the rear speakers are nearly blown. Thanks to the heavy end of Iron Claw, they’re likely obliterated!”  –
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