Huge Ripple Music Bandcamp Sale, plus the Ripple Subscription, and New Releases by Stew and Lowcaster


Halloween is coming, and Ripple has quite the treat for you!  No tricks with this offer, simply pop over to the Ripple Music Bandcamp,, and pick out anything you want, vinyl, CD, or digital, enter the code, “halloween19”, at checkout and you’ll instantly get 15% off on the order.  How’s that for a Halloween goody and no costume required.  While you’re there, check out the Ripple Music Bandcamp Subscription Opportunity: become a subscriber for only $5 a month and get every Ripple release going forward, a slew of back catalog titles, some subscriber-only exclusive content, AND 15% off all physical product for the length of your subscription.  Scary good stuff, that is!


Sweden’s STEW bring a tasty concoction to the table full of pure retro-70’s guitar goodness, funky vibes, bluesy tones and some damn good songs to showcase it all.  All of which has led Spill Magazine to exclaim, “Stew very well may be among some of the most interesting rock revivalists around as they take classic rock from the late 1960s to mid ‘70s and blend it with a rich sense of the blues and early soul. ”  See what all the fuss is about with their debut long-player, “People” released by Ripple earlier this month.  A true treat for fans of psychedelic power trio blitz.


Take my word for it, this album is going to take plenty of people by surprise.  Honestly, I thought our schedule was too full to be able to release this album in 2019, but once I heard it, I knew we had to put it out.  Lowcaster have released an epic album of progressive doom, laden with atmosphere, ambient passages, crushing heaviness, and serious tight songmanship.  Guest vocals by Susie of Brume lend and even deeper evocative touch to journey of pain, loss, and grief.  This will touch upon people’s year end “best of” lists.  Check it out at bandcamp or get your own copy at