Holy Grove Signs to Ripple Music for North American Release of Debut and Follow-up to Come in 2018


“…Holy Grove are heavier than a plutonium whale but much friskier. Think Grand Funk, think Sabbath, think Blue Cheer, think great big riffs that stomp and thunder and terrify the pets.” -Classic Rock Magazine
Atmospheric doom rockers, Holy Grove has signed with Ripple Music for the North American release of their debut album and a follow-up album due later in 2018.
The Portland-based group, released their debut via Heavy Psych Sounds, which hit the European fans in 2016 full of right-on riffs, belted-out hooks and weighted nodding groove.  They then hit the road with massive West Coast and East Coast tours, took over Europe alongside future Ripple labelmates Gozu and stormed the stage in the company of Uli Jon Roth, The Obsessed, Jucifer, Lord Dying, Yob, Witch Mountain, as well as festivals like Psycho Las Vegas, Hoverfest I and II, Ceremony of Sludge, PDXPOPNOW, and California’s inaugural EPICENTER festival (w/ High on Fire, Big Business, and more
Now, Ripple Music is thrilled to offer the first North American Edition of the debut album, bringing their thick tones and masterful vocals to an eager American audience.  The Ripple edition of the album will be available on exclusive, limited edition multicolored vinyl, black vinyl, CD and digital.  Further, the band is back and hard at work on their follow up album to be released by Ripple later in 2018.
About the debut album, The Obelisk raved, “Portland, Oregonian four-piece Holy Grove have been one of their home city’s most eagerly anticipated bands for the last couple years, managing to stand themselves out from a crowded scene even before they really got around to putting out music. To wit, their self-titled debut arrives with stunning cover artwork by Adam Burke and rolls out massive, Billy Anderson-tracked grooves.”
   A uniquely gifted band with a singular, solitary sound, Holy Grove plays doom with all its passion and might.  Holy Grove want it heavy — gravitationally, crushingly heavy – but big and warm, never coldly metallic. Holy Grove songs are heavy with feeling, heavy with conquering power, and beautifully heavy of heart. Actual songs too, woven through with hooks and choruses and crafted with equal inspiration from fantasy and reality in the tradition of the great anthemic riff rockers of yore. Above all, the band has the ability to stun first-time listeners with the utter power of its massive groove, with it’s masterful vocals, intense riffing, and powerful rhythm section.
   More info on Holy Grove and the as-yet-untitled follow-up LP will be announced soon. Stay tuned to Ripple Music Website for breaking news or the Ripple Music Facebook and Bandcamp.
  Holy Grove is available to speak with interested media. To chat with the band, simply contact Todd Severin at Ripple Music at ripplemusic9@aol.com.
   “Onstage energy is not a problem for locals Holy Grove. Vocalist Andrea Vidal grabs the microphone and steals the crowd’s collective heart with her enthusiasm and total commitment to the moment. With rich, deep tones oozing off the stage and hair flying, the band flays the crowd wide open, exposing their riff-rock-loving guts. Songs like “Huntress” and “Hanged Man” are terrific examples of Holy Grove’s sound, which is a stew of riffs and rhythms that would fit well on a shelf next to some old Man’s Ruin label releases. Vidal seems born to rouse the crowd, and her vocals are belted out in the same fashion, while bassist Gregg and guitarist Trent splash sweat, wah, and fuzz all over the audience. Holy Grove end their set with “Nix”, leaving the growing crowd cheering.”
–Invisible Oranges
“Holy Grove’s first doomy foray is an undeniably solid and considered effort. The enigmatic lyrics of leading enchantress combined with the persistence of the power trio prove equally deadly as they are absorbing. It wouldn’t be imprudent to expect the band’s songwriting skill to take them to great places, becasue this debut undoubtedly holds its own, but they are more than capable of translating their stirring vision even further still.”
–The Sludgelord