Doom rock trio KABBALAH to reissue debut album “Spectral Ascent” on limited vinyl and CD through Ripple Music.

North of Spain’s occult rock trio KABBALAH are set to reissue their debut album “Spectral Ascent” this June 23rd on Ripple Music. Preorders available now!
Hailing from Pamplona, Spain, KABBALAH was formed on the ashes of local outfit Las Culebras, looming in the dark, esoteric realms of witchcraft and closed-door arts. The trio started a prolific cycle of music by self-releasing three EPs (‘Kabbalah’, ‘Primitive Stone’ and ‘Revelations’) between 2013 and 2016, progressing to their 2017 debut album ‘Spectral Ascent’. With their garage-sounding, 70s-style hard rock and Coven–inspired occult atmospheres draped over the bones of Black Sabbath and Blue Öyster Cult, the Spanish power trio has been well-received among followers of the darkest sounds. In 2021, KABBALAH affirmed this unique way of theirs to turn their 70s rock influences into a craft of their own through their acclaimed sophomore album and Ripple Music debut “The Omen” — an unwaveringly creative, enigmatic and spellbinding album that landed on many end-of-year lists!

KABBALAH – “Spectral Ascent”
Reissued on June 23rd via Ripple Music
in limited blue vinyl and limited CD digipack editions

World preorder – US preorder

Carmen Espejo — Drums/vocals
Marga Malaria — Bass/vocals
Alba DDU — guitar/vocals