BLACKWÜLF: Oakland metallers to release Oblivion Cycle this December | Share and download new song ‘The Locust’

Photo credit: Raymond Ahner
“What’s better than a wolf? A black wolf, of course. What’s even better than a black wolf? A black wolf with umlauts. Oakland’s Blackwülf bring some serious stoner vibes to the party, hitting the listener with some fat bottomed rock.”
Decibel Magazine
Oblivion Cycle will be released on 11th December 2015 through Ripple Music
Download new song ‘The Locust’ for free here –
Following on from the premiere of ‘Wings Of Steel’ with Decibel Magazine earlier in the year, Ripple Music is thrilled to finally announce the release of new album Oblivion Cycle from Oakland, California’s Blackwülf this December.

The band – featuring vocalist Alex Cunningham, guitarist Pete Holmes, drummer Dave Pankenier and bassist Scott Peterson – prowl the musical feeding grounds of stoner rock, doom-cloaked soundscapes and vintage heavy metal. Dark sonic forests provide coverage for their unholy mix of parapsychological anger and aggression, and bluesy head-banging riffs. As Heavy Planet put it best, “Heavy on the heavy, doomy on the riffing, this vintage metal band has hit the nail on the proverbial head.”

With a résumé that includes member stints with bands like San Francisco’s Acid King, The Nads, Tucson’s Naked Prey and Mountain Pig, Blackwülf is already a seasoned predator. Formed in 2012, it wasn’t until January of last year that the band unleashed their debut album Mind Traveller on Wicker Man Recordings, pressed on clear red vinyl and featuring jacket illustrations from acclaimed San Franciscan artist Alan Forbes (Queens Of The Stone Age, The Misfits). The record, much like Blackwülf themselves is unabashed in its typical, “What you see is what you get” aesthetic, melding heavy stoner riffs to sincere, pure rock indulgence.

Offering up a pounding dose of melody and raw power with a nod to the golden old schools of heavy 70s and 80s pre-thrash metal, Blackwülf’s Oblivion Cycle will be released on 11th December through Ripple Music. In the meantime, you can stream, share or download new song ‘The Locust’ for free here –

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