Yawning Man ‘Rock Formations’

Yawning Man 'Rock Formations'

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Maybe it was as early as it was late, but somehow being out of its time, standing utterly apart, suits Rock Formations. Yawning Man have never been about setting themselves to an expectation of what heavy is, and while ‘heavy’ has caught up to them in the years since, it’s always been a question of them working on their own terms. More then a decade after the fact, with Yawning Man having taken their place among the most pivotal architects of desert rock, they still are.

The Obelisk


  1. Rock Formations
  2. Perpetual Oyster
  3. Stoney Lonesome
  4. Split Tooth Thunder
  5. Sonny Bono Memorial Freeway
  6. Airport Boulevard
  7. Advanced Darkness
  8. She Scares Me
  9. Crater Lake
  10. Buffalo Chips


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