Witchers Creed ‘Awakened from the Tomb…’

Witchers Creed 'Awakened from the Tomb...'

We’ve all heard acts that have always come close to pulling off traditional doom in a way that was all but delicious, but it’s with Witchers Creed that we finally get a fresh, young act that manages to pull it off with utmost skill and grace as this record is a damned good time from front to back. If “Awakened From the Tomb…” is but a glimpse into the glory of Witchers Creed then I smell a fantastic career in the making with this flawless debut. – Head Banger Reviews


  1. Witchers Creed
  2. Depths of the Black Void (CD/digital only bonus track)
  3. Victims of Retribution
  4. Raven’s Claw
  5. Larissa
  6. Rituals of Decay
  7. Salem (Resurrection)
  8. Monolith
  9. Outro (Awakened From the Tomb)


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