Witchcryer ‘Cry Witch’

Witchcryer 'Cry Witch'

The end result of Cry Witch is an album that you want to listem too again and again because it represents the sort of high powered and fun rock and roll which you can’t help but to live. Rather than try to hard to craft something that ultimately could never take off, Cry Witch inspires time and time again. It shows us the path forward and gives us reason to have faith in the modern trad doom scene. Also this band has the most unexpected Black Sabbath cover/reinterpretation ever. If you can’t love a band who can cover Embryo you might just be broken. – 2 Guys Metal Reviews


  1. Cry Witch
  2. Ricochet
  3. The Preying Kind
  4. Ma Kali
  5. Embryo (Instructions)
  6. Great Divide
  7. For the Slaves
  8. Witchfinder General
  9. Lapis Philosophorum


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