Weed Is Weed ‘Blunt Force Trauma’

Weed Is 'Weed Blunt Force Trauma'

The musical homage to the sweetest of leaves is brought to you by members of Pentagram, Spirit Caravan and Earthride….so you know it’s gonna be heavy! Nine blistering tracks to send your mind reeling as you fill your lungs with that ever so blissful smoke. Featuring the crushing groove oriented tracks “One Hit Wonder”, “Alligator Crawl” and the senses distorting title track, “Blunt Force Trauma”.


  1. Weed Is Weed
  2. Low To No
  3. Big Green Patch
  4. Cottonmouth
  5. Alligator Crawl
  6. Eat Pussy
  7. Goin’ Down To Harlem
  8. One Hit Wonder
  9. Blunt Force Trauma
  10. Hidden Track


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