Volume IV ‘Long In The Tooth’

Volume IV 'Long In The Tooth'
With equal parts elegant beauty and steamrolling aggression, Atlanta’s Volume IV serve up a piece of ear candy for the ages with Long In The Tooth. This first release with Ripple Music is a concise thirty-six minute thrill ride of swampy metal heroics, featuring heavy grooves, classic stoner riffs, and an overall impending sense of doom. Led by singer/guitarist Joe Carpenter (Nihilist) and filled out by bassist Blake Parris and drummer Troy King, Volume IV is set to stun the music world with one of the most anticipate releases of the year!

“Volume IV has dropped a barnburner with Long in the Tooth. They have a perfectionist’s grasp on the fundamentals of what makes doom, old school metal, and southern rock so wonderfully good…yet they aren’t afraid to give in to chance and take risks.” — Hellride Music


  1. Looking Low For A High
  2. Utero/Long In The Tooth
  3. Wager
  4. Blackwater
  5. Save Your Servant
  6. KONG
  7. Cabal
  8. Awake The Dreamer
  9. Save Your Prayers
  10. Locust Have No King


You can purchase this and more from the Ripple Music webstore at: http://ripplemusic.bigcartel.com