Void Vator ‘Stranded’

Void Vator 'Stranded'

There is a lot to dig on Stranded and a whole set of unique directions that the band takes the deeper you delve. The tight and chunky guitars serve as the driving force of the band. However it is the punchy vocals that really define what Void Vator are about. Though the band is certainly able to lean back and enjoy the ride (As they do on Put Away Wet) it is at their fastest that they are the most fun. Dynamic and exciting, there’s a lot to love about Void Vator and with every passing release they seem to be getting better! – Two Guys Metal Reviews


  1. Put Away Wet
  2. Toxic Waste
  3. Nothing to Lose
  4. Inside Out
  5. Everything Suxs
  6. Come to Hand
  7. Stranded
  8. Monster