Vitskär Süden ‘The Faceless King’

Vitskär Süden 'The Faceless King'

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With so many nuances, layers and textures, The Faceless King is a hard album to pin down. From its concept to its final climax you are embroiled in this dark tale. VITSKÄR SÜDEN are masterful storytellers and have created an album that executes their vision to the finest detail. Intricate and vivid, this is an album to take with you on those dark autumnal walks as you slay the beasts in your imagination. – Distorted Sound Magazine


  1. The Way – Part 1
  2. The Way – Part 2
  3. Archdiocese Of Worms
  4. Voices From Beyond The Wall
  5. Shepherds On The Roadside
  6. Bonedust And Dark
  7. The Broken Crown



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