Various Artists ‘Döminance and Submissiön: A Tribute to Blue Öyster Cult’

Various Artists 'Döminance and Submissiön: A Tribute to Blue Öyster Cult'

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All in all, this is a satisfying and diverse tribute album which is sure to be of interest to fans but also serves as an effective introduction to the greatest of thinking man’s rock bands as well. – The Sleeping Shaman


  1. ME 262 – Mondo Machine
  2. Flaming Telepaths – Great Electric Quest
  3. Dominance and Submission – Cosmo Daemonic Telegraph Company feat. Mark Lanegan, Nick Oliveri and Sam Coomes
  4. Godzilla – Howling Giant feat. Bob Balch
  5. Transmaniacon MC – Tony Reed with Thee Slayer Hippy
  6. Wings Wetted Down – IT feat. Andrea Vidal
  7. Tattoo Vampire – Mos Generator with Thee Slayer Hippy
  8. Veteran of the Psychic Wars – Ape Machine
  9. Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll – ZEKE
  10. Stairway to the Stars – War Cloud feat. Janiece Gonzalez
  11. Fireworks – Year of the Cobra with Thee Slayer Hippy
  12. 7 Screaming Diz-Busters – Fetish
  13. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper – SPINDRIFT


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