Turned to Stone: Chapter 8 ‘High Desert Queen & Blue Heron’

Duskwood 'The Last Voyage'

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Editions like this are what split series are made for and where they can truly shine the brightest. Already, both of these acts had more than enough going for them with their individual debuts nothing to ignore with the attention that they received more than deserving, and this split should only heighten their reputation to a deservedly higher degree. No matter which name you may come out preferring be it High Desert Queen or Blue Heron, one cannot deny the absolute glory that is on full display in these six tracks. – Head Banger Reviews


  1. High Desert Queen – Black Moon
  2. High Desert Queen – Drift Into the Sun
  3. High Desert Queen – Roll the Dice
  4. Blue Heron – Able Baker
  5. Blue Heron – Day of the Comet
  6. Blue Heron – Superposition



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