Trucker Diablo ‘Songs Of Iron’

Trucker Diablo 'Songs Of Iron'

Heavy melodies firmly planted on a foundation of steamroller rock n’ roll aggression is the fuel behind the latest offering from Northern Ireland export, Trucker Diablo. Songs of Iron picks up where the breakthrough hit album, The Devil Rhythm left off, blasting listeners with the sonic fury of modern heavy rock mixed with a road worn southern swagger. After releasing two viral videos (“Drink Beer, Destroy,” and “Voodoo”) taking the stage at Hard Rock Hell, Download, and opening for The Foo Fighters amongst others, Trucker Diablo surged to new heights of popularity in 2012. Now 2013 finds the band upon their international acclaim by cranking out another set of piledriving melodic rockers. Songs of Iron, ups the ante on heaviness, crunching guitars and sing-along chorus, and is sure to please Trucker fans the world over, new and old.


  1. Red Light On
  2. The Rebel
  3. Drive
  4. Not So Superstar
  5. The Streets Run Red
  6. Lie to Me
  7. Maybe You’re the One
  8. Bulldozer
  9. Rock Hallelujah
  10. Highway Radio
  11. When’s it Gonna Rain
  12. Shame on You

CD Only Bonus Songs

  1. Year of the Truck
  2. Lie To Me
  3. I Wanna Party With You


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