The Watchers ‘Sabbath Highway’

The Watchers 'Sabbath Highway'

The debut 5 song EP from rock supergroup, The Watchers!

Gathering together an impressive cast of seasoned players with vocalist Tim Narducci and bassist Cornbread (SpiralArms, White Witch Canyon), Orchid drummer Carter Kennedy and guitarist Jeremy Von Eppic (BlackGates, The Venting Machine) The Watchers is an out-and-out super group of musicians’ musicians and a fitting addition to Ripple Music’s ever growing roster.

“We’re very excited to be a part of the Ripple family,” explains Tim. “We love their approach and the fact that they have a true footing in the underground heavy rock, doom and metal scene. Todd and Pope’s passion for their bands and roster is contagious and beautiful. We


  1. Sabbath Highway
  2. Requiem
  3. Call the Priest
  4. Today
  5. Just a Needle


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