The Second Coming of Heavy Chap. 8

The Second Coming of Heavy Chapter 8

While I don’t think there’s been a bad installment in Ripple Music’s Second Coming of Heavy series, I’ve enjoyed certain editions more than others. These splits are usually best when both bands are of a similar vein—and from the pre-release singles, I would hafta say that Californians Ride the Sun and Germans The Trikes are pretty much two peas in a space pod. –


  1. Ride the Sun – 5 On 4
  2. Ride the Sun – Karma Wastes
  3. Ride the Sun – Get Bent
  4. Ride the Sun – Step to the Square
  5. Ride the Sun – Bail
  6. The Trikes – Sordid Love
  7. The Trikes – Nowhere
  8. The Trikes – Forgotten Sins
  9. The Trikes – Be Yourself


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