The Judge ‘Tell It To The Judge’

The Judge 'Tell It To The Judge'

There is something timeless about these grooves. A warmth in the guitar playing. The record is nine songs (just like they always used to be) and we’ll bet right now that you could fit it on one side of a TDK90 tape (anyone under 30 ask your parents….)

Just like their heroes of the 1970’s The Judge have a work ethic too. As such, “Tell It To The Judge” emerges just a year or so after their debut. No worries about lack of quality here, though, indeed they seem to want to showcase their skills: “I feel as if I am ready to show what I have learned” sings Swope on “Islands” and what they have learned largely is to take everything up just a notch.
– Maximum Volume Music


  1. Empty Halls
  2. From the Mountain
  3. Strange Ways
  4. Changing World
  5. Islands
  6. Go on Home
  7. High Flyin’
  8. Darkest Daze
  9. Parade of Sin


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