The Far Outs ‘S/T’

The Far Outs 'S/T'

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    The recording for the album was done quickly and the brief was simple: Keep it raw. Keep it fun. Lunch at the pub. The band were well rehearsed, and with a limited number of instruments to consider, the main concern was capturing the lightning radiating from a band, with very few concerns other than squeezing a good time out of every passing moment. Buy the ticket. Take the ride. Turn it up real loud, you heathens. – Tinnitist


    1. Last Night
    2. Bad News For You
    3. Keep Away
    4. Hey Little Girl
    5. Get Off My Shroud
    6. Miss Me?
    7. Freight Train
    8. El Diablo Del Mar
    9. Some Kind of Treason
    10. Bad Thing



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