Stone Axe ‘I’ Deluxe Edition

Stone Axe 'I'

Led by multi-instrumentalist Tony Reed (Mos Generator) and supported by the golden throat of Dru Brinkerhoff (the Swinos), Stone Axe is a band that plays the type of rock ‘n’ roll that will make you feel nostalgic for the ’70′s. Reminiscent of the lifestyle, Stone Axe encompass the tones, moods and attitudes of the era that brought some of the best heavy rock to the music world. This is the official re-release of the debut Stone Axe album in a deluxe package. The two disc set features 8 bonus live tracks on the original 10 song CD and over 70 minutes of video footage captured throughout the bands career on the DVD. The Deluxe Edition includes a 6-page fold out booklet with liner notes written by The Obelisk’s JJ Koczan, while the 12″ LP version of the band’s self-titled debut album differs than the original Roadburn pressing with the inclusion of a new song, an extended track, and a lyric sheet insert.


  1. Riders of the Night
  2. My Darkest Days
  3. Black Widow
  4. Sky is Falling
  5. There’d Be Days
  6. The Skylah Rae
  7. Rhinoceros (extended drum jam – LP version only)
  8. Diamonds & Fools
  9. Return of the Worm * Shine On – LP version only
  10. Taking Me Home

Bonus Tracks

  1. Riders of the Night – Live
  2. King of Everything – Live
  3. Ain’t Gonna Miss It – Live
  4. There’d Be Days – Live
  5. Taking Me Home – Live
  6. Skylah Rae – Live
  7. Sky Is Falling – Live
  8. Diamonds & Fools – Live


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