STEAK ‘No God To Save’

STEAK 'No God To Save'

‘With No God To Save, Steak have left absolutely zero room for lazy comparisons. It is a record with its own identity, painted from a palette of eclectic influences. There is no forgery or replication here, just a set of 10 outstanding heavy rock songs rendered in colossal gruesome clarity. The record also sends out a message: Steak have taken the throne, and if you want it back, you better have some fucking big riffs.’ – The Monitors.Com


  1. Overthrow
  2. Coke Dick
  3. Clones
  4. King Lizard
  5. Living Like a Rat
  6. Mountain
  7. Rough House
  8. Creeper
  9. Wickerman
  10. The Ebb


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