Space Probe Taurus ‘Mondo Satan’

Space Probe Taurus 'Mondo Satan'

Originally formed as Snake Machine in 1992 it wasn’t until a name change and shortening of their songs in ’97 that the band settled into doing what they do best; preaching the gospel of dirty garage rock. Swedish style.

Often compared to the likes of Mudhoney, The Stooges, MC5 and Blue Cheer – the latter of whom SPT paid tribute to with a ripping cut of ‘Second Time Around’ on Black Widow Records’ Blue Explosion – their music is influenced by late ’60s psych rock and low-budget B-movies like Psychomania and Angels From Hell. (Anobsession that quickly led on to the band contributing music to the 2005 snuff documentary Actress Apocalypse and I Am Vengeance in 2012.)

Mondo Satanis the band’s follow up to their self-titled debut album from 2008.


  1. Scorpio Queen
  2. Kill City Death Cult
  3. Spahn Ranch Motherfucker
  4. Make Me Bleed
  5. Galaxy Travelin’ Blues
  6. Superfuzzed
  7. Mondo Satan
  8. Dust Joint
  9. The Iguana
  10. The Righteous One


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