Shotgun Sawyer ‘Thunderchief’

Shotgun Sawyer 'Thunderchief'

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I’m at a loss how a Band can produce something this good for a first album and also why I appear to be the only one in the UK that knows about it? So help me out here people, give them a listen and then I won’t be on my own any longer.
Maximum Volume Music


  1. Skinwalker
  2. Sudden Death in the Flesh
  3. Lawman
  4. That’s the Working Man
  5. I’m a Bad Man
  6. Gravedigger Dan
  7. Nothing Left to Lose
  8. Soldier Song
  9. Left for Dead
  10. New Meat
  11. Strawberry Jam
  12. Skinwalker (Live at Doublewide Studios)
  13. Strawberry Jam (Live at Earth Tone Studios)


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