Salem’s Bend ‘Supercluster’

Salem's Bend 'Supercluster'

Once again, I can say I’ve come across another album that works so well due to the placement and arrangement of everything. The atypical percussion, the softer licks, the heavy doom riffs, the clean vocals, and the dry atmosphere are all essential ingredients. Stitching it up in the right fashion and allowing for a smooth flow is what brings it to perfection, with psychedelic garnishes to prevent it from dipping too far into the haze of doom. Essential listening for fans of classic metal, doom metal, or desert rock. – Indy Metal Vault


  1. Spaceduster
  2. Ride the Night
  3. Catamount
  4. Heavenly Manna
  5. Winds of Ganymede
  6. Show Me the Witch
  7. Thinking Evil
  8. Infinite Horizon


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