Righteous Fool ‘Self-Titled’

Righteous Fool 'Self-Titled'

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As a fan of Corrosion Of Conformity for well over thirty years, it was a treat to hear this record, it’s different but very similar tonally to those underrated Animosity-era records Corrosion Of Conformity and IX. As well, it’s at least co-produced by longtime-COC producer John Custer, the man responsible for those unique, crunchy, ZZ Top style sounds on all those classic COC records, so the sonic similarity isn’t altogether surprising to say nothing of Dean and Mullin playing together for so long. Plus, it’s super cool to hear Mullin go off again, not just on the drums, but the vox too. I’m sure as time passes COC will excavate the vault, and we’ll get more from Mullin, but for now, in 2022, this record rules. Fly on Mule. – The Sleeping Shaman


  1. Introduction
  2. Asteroid
  3. Shifty
  4. Forever Flames
  5. The Green Manalishi (with the Two-Prong Crown)
  6. Heavy is the Head
  7. The Overblown
  8. Hard Time Killing Floor
  9. Edict of Worms
  10. Low Blow
  11. Vortex


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